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Revolving around the theme of domesticity and home, Eye of the Needle is a participatory project that explores the thesis of "What makes a house a home?".  It follows the stories of 30 participants and how their upbringing and backgrounds have varied their ideals of family and home. These ideals and stories were translated into motifs that were then embroidered onto the participants' personal items. The eye of the needle is a metaphor to these stories; it is something small and seemingly insignificant, yet it holds the ability to create a space for comfort and human connection - a reference to both the intention of this project, as well as a home.

In collaboration with artist Margret Wibmer, Eye of the Needle was exhibited at Gillman Barracks Singapore

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Following doctors’ stories about paediatric palliative care services in Singapore, this animation displays the idea of hope after loss, with the incorporation of icons in Singapore. The flow of water (resembling tears) transitions into Jewel Changi; the trees representing new life and growth, transition into Gardens by the Bay, finally the animation incorporates the Singapore Flyer, which was the last view of pediatric doctor, Dr. Chong Poh Heng’s patient, as the 14-year-old passed away in her sleep. The work was projected on The Fullerton Hotel, as part of the Marina Bay Singapore Countdown event.


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